Self Isolation at Six Sandton

Posted on Thu March 19, 2020.

what is self isolation and why self isolate at SIX SANDTON

Self-isolation is vastly different from undergoing quarantine in designated quarantine centres
arranged by the government.

Self-isolation is a precautionary measure, an effective measure to separate and restrict
the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease
to see if they become ill.

Self-isolation does not equal Quarantine. Quarantine is a mandatory measure undertaken
to prevent contact with those already diagnosed with the disease.

Self-isolation is different from ‘suspected cases’. Suspected cases have been sent to
hospital for testing and medical follow-up.

Be it because you have been overseas or been in contact with a person with a COVID-19 infection while they were ill you'll need to self isolate for 14 days. 

Overseas it was stated that people within at-risk groups will soon be asked to self-isolate for 12 weeks as a safeguarding measure. However, if a person lives with someone who falls into this category, they could pose a risk to them by continuing to live with them.

At Six Sandton we are offering to recreate a a little bit of home while people self-isolate.

All areas are disinfected, and all necessary precautions taken. Breakfast will be delivered to guests on a tray outside their room and there will be very little to no staff contact. 

Your self isolation ensures: 

1. self check in process 

2. No elevators 

3. No common areas 

4. No centralized aircons - only fans 

5. Low or no staff contact 

6. Private outside access to each unit 

7. Beautiful private garden 

8.Sanitized and sealed 

9. Boomed area allows for beautiful walks 

10. High speed uncapped WIFI 

11. DSTV 

12. Luxuary finishes 

13. Breakfast included 

14. Options of lunch and dinner included

15. Food delivery services available 

16. Fully stocked mini bar 

*Please look at our previous blog to see the measures we have put in place to protect our guests and staff,*