SIX things you did not know about SIX SANDTON

Posted on Fri February 28, 2020.

Learn SIX things about SIX SANDTON

SIX things you did not know about SIX SANDTON


1. Book DIRECT Bonus

Book direct and enjoy a 10% discount when you use our coupon code: itshoot!


2. Insta-Worthy

We’re a photographic-frenzied society these days and, as such, we are snap-happy at all hours of the day. Snap a pic on our pink swings, pink fireplace or cute signs around the property.


3.The Sleep Experience

When it comes down to it, one of the most important aspects of any guest house is how well guests sleep. Our sleep experience is second to none with our SUPER KING BEDS (two three quater beds).


4. Our FREE Coffee Station

Enjoy our complimentary tea and coffee station 24hrs a day. Freshly baked biscuits too.


5. Built by Kennith Newman

The property was built was Kennith Newman ("Ken") and was his family home. Ken played a pivotal role in the popularisation of bird watching in South Africa through the publication of numerous books, which have sold nearly a million copies. His ability to capture the “jizz” of birds in his illustrations have made his field guides an essential companion for so many birders. His abilities extended to painting and lecturing and his commitment to ornithology and conservation was reflected through his presidency of both the South African Ornithological Society and BirdLife South Africa. He was still President of BirdLife Sandton at the time of his death. Ken was the first non-scientist recipient of the prestigious Gill Memorial Medal. In May this year, Ken’s life-long contributions to birding and conservation were recognised by his being awarded a BirdLife South Africa Owl Award.


6. The Owners

The owners are two BEST FRIENDS, Alexa and Tyron. Both have experience in hospitality. SIX SANDTON is their first collaborative effort.